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Choosing a Web or Graphic Designer

The following are a few things to consider when selecting a graphic/web designer:

Do they listen to you, your vision and your values? Do they ask a lot of questions or make assumptions? A good designer focusses on fulfilling your needs and not their own agendas.

Do they have a quality portfolio showcasing the variety and type of work you are looking for? Be sure to look for a match between their work and what you have in mind for your marketing materials?

Do they have sufficient marketing and design experience to fulfill your needs. It is important to select a company that keeps current in terms of software, design trends, and technology.

Do they take time to get clear in understand your organization's unique needs and community focus? Are they willing to work with all parties involved, listening to the wants and needs of all parties involved in the development of the site?

Do they have references or lists of satisfied clients that are willing to relay positive experiences? Do they operate with the highest levels of integrity?

Are they versatile? Flexible? Does their design style and process accomodate varying needs of the client?

Do they have a commitment to explain the process and guide you every step of the way?

Do they get back to you in a reasonable time frame?


Lifestyles design for:
Health and Wellness
Visual and Performing Arts
Beauty and Skin Care
Personal Development
Sports and Fitness
Food and Nutrition
Home furnishings
Alternative Health
...and many more

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