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Marketing Strategy for Successful Websites

Blue Halo Creative follows a distinct process for developing successful web sites. It serves as a guideline for planning a course of action, but since it's flexible, it may be adjusted according to your business needs.

R&D: Research & Discovery
We sit down with you, review your mission statement or business plan and gather information that will help tailor your goals to fit your industry and business. We find that this helps to keep the project on track, and is the impetus to the creative brainstorming process that follows. Once goals are established, we'll use this criteria to develop a project strategy and return to this throughout the execution of the design to use as a benchmark.

Building the Foundation
Next, we develop a site map or a navigable table of contents - we narrow down the hierarchy of information, highlight essential elements,and review how these pieces will interact with one another, and be perceived by the user. This leads into the development of the look and feel of the site, at which point we provide various sample previews that are used as a starting point. Remember those goals? We review them to ensure we're on track, and through a process of analysis and revision, we refine the design until you are completely satisfied.

Getting Down to Business
Once the site layout has been finalized, we graduate to an online functional draft version of your website. Images are tweaked and optimized for online viewing, graphical elements are created. Then site coding and optimization for search engines gets under way. Content is finessed, text formatted, all elements are brought together, and voila!

Try to Break It
But we're not done yet. Now we try to beat up our creation - gently, but with a big stick. The site is then tested both offline and online in private (see client login). This testing takes place on multiple operating systems and software platforms to ensure the greatest possible cross platform consistency. Once the site works smoothly, we configure hosting of your site and unleash it upon the world.

Stick With Us
The final stage is that of management, including maintenance and online marketing services. We also are available to provide advice on how to integrate your new online tool with other communication tools. But it doesn't end here.... We offer an array of services, including creative graphic design, digital photography & retouching, search engine submission, forums, e-newsletters & e-vites, flash animation and banner ads.

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